Mana On The Cliff

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"I am Mana."


The sun was setting but Mana was still there, on the edge of the cliff. Watching. Or waiting. Or both.


Mana lifted it's eyes from the horizon up to the sky and sighed: "I am Mana."


What was it thinking? Are there other Manas out there? What is my propose? Is this the end or the start of everything? Or was it just admiring different colors of the sky?


Mana turned away, took a step. Then another.


"I am Mana", Mana said.

How did Mana end up on the cliff?

First there was a sort of an idea.


That symmetrical lake view somehow morphed in to a cliff. With the help of Photoshop and my hands. Do not know if my brain had anything to do with that.


And the cliff image went through various changes in Topaz Glow and Topaz Texture.


Remember my Manavision post? (Manasonic would have been cooler tittle. I better remember to use that next time.) Oh you don't? That's okay, here's a link to remind you.


So I had all these Manas ready and photographed. Obviously Mana had to meet Topaz Glow and then the cliff scene. And now they are all happy together! Mana, Glow and Cliff.

The second one is perhaps my favourite of all the Manas on the cliff.
(In this post. Oh, is the more to come? More Manas on the cliff? Perhaps there is, perhaps there is. You just have to wait for this lazy ass of mine to get that post ready for you. And I don't mean literally, like the thing tweeting Mr. Trumps tweets in Spitting Image, I mean just that I'm generally so lazy.)

Anyway, apparently this is Mana. And I'm callig this also art. So it's Manart.
(Oh god I'm sooooo childish that I could almost turn myself inside out and say: "This is good." I haven't been out lately. Or talked to people.)


Should I tokenize it? Mint a little? Oh why the hell not!

Want more mana? Here you go.
Manavision: Mana and Panasonic Minivision
Mana's New Year Story
What the (f)art says
Mana exploring
Mana & friend
Mana was found


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Lols I was hoping Mana wasn't gonna jump. Why do I have these thoughts?? Not everymanna has suicidal tenancies. Just coz he went for a walk and didn't brush his hair of clean his wires don't mean nothing!

Also very cool work!

I surely hope that if everymana has suicidal tendencies, I could do something about that. Help to stop those. That goes for suicidal tenancies too. It's always a drag to have people jump of the balcony and kill themselves and again you have to call for someone to clean up the driveway from blood and guts and again start looking for a new tenant and although all the people you meet and talk to seem very well and balanced people you always seem to end up with a tenant that has suicidal tendencies and ends up killing themselves and there you are, again, on the phone: "Could you come and clean my driveway and put an ad for a room to rent".

I think that Mana has unbrushed hair because Mana doesn't care. Or perhaps Mana is one of those who set their wires for hours in front of the mirror to look messy but every cords place is carefully thought and placed. Though I think it's the first one. Mana just doesn't think it's that important to be squeaky clean or over organized. It's the thoughts that matter, not the hairstyle. But your guess about Manas thoughts or reasons is as good as mine. All I ever get is: "I am Mana."

Thanks! Mana helped. :)

Sound like mana and groot will get along well!

What can I say, the mind both fascinates and frustrates me! I sometimes think I will be better off being a potato farmer just minding my own business!

Human mind, the most ridiculous thing ever invented. :D

It's been a who're since I've seen Mana. Lovely to see him in your work again.

@tipu curate 2

It's been a who're since I've seen Mana.

I'm trying desperately to understand this sentence but just don't get it. The who're word mixes things up. It must be short for who are but that doesn't help. It can't mean whore. Or could it? Googleing "it's been a who're" doesn't help either. If it's not a mistake then it's something my brain (and google) misses completely. So now I'm thinking that I could be having a stoke. Do I smell oranges? I think not but can't be sure. If my sense of smell is gone for some other reason then how do I know if I'm having a stroke at the same time? Horrible. Or perhaps I'm imaging extra words? Or live in a different reality than everyone else? Or I've imagined everything, Hive, you commenting my post and now my subconscious is trying to wake me up with words that don't seem to fit to the rest of the sentence. IS THIS A TRAP? AM I TRAPPED?!? WHO AM I!?! DO I EXISTS?! DO YOU EXIST!?

Then again that second sentence suggests that you liked so I guess everything's okay.

Thanks! :)

😯 I need to putrid proof read beret better when I use Swype. Either it's getting worse or I'm greying getting worse at moving through the right letters. I have a particular problem with purple people, or is that people purple? 🤔

That was meant to be who're 'while', by the way. Sorry for the utter confusion.

Swype is the best. :) And utter confusion seems to be my normal state so all's good.