dead soul- digitalart

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Hello dear friends,
These days I can't get motivated enough to draw. I think my inspiration is not very close. Still, I try improvised drawings. I've done it before for this drawing.

These skulls will always attract someone's attention. And I have to earn some hives. Meanwhile, the hive fall is confusing. But I think it will improve.

And I keep drawing for the ultimate crypto art community. I can say @nftshowroom as a good development in my life. It is a fact that we earned surprising money here. I hope its value will always increase more. A great cryptoart market. I'm happy to be art here. I share some versions of the dry head.


I'm not sure which of these is better. I can't decide which one to add to my NFTSHOWROOM gallery. Maybe I'll add 2 versions as supriz for the first one to buy.


My dear friends who love Crypto and love this art. ! You can give me your opinion on this. Which one should be on sale? And I wish you all a nice weekend.


Your drawings are always great! It would be nice to see this drawing on a T-shirt! 😊

I agree with that! 😍 very nice artwork

This drawing is super cool @hairofmedusa😀

That's my favourite piece of yours so far!! I want it on my wall :D

Great work of art, I like the beautiful colors.

bought one