Commission #28 White Dragon in the Middle of the Sunset | Digital Art

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One, two, three turns I tell the magnificent creature that flies over these completely icy places. I did not expect mythology to be so accurate in its description, with white scales and shiny wings to camouflage itself, the latter seeming to be made up of feathers, yellow eyes that keep too much noise and icy breath that freezes everything in its path.

I came in search of diamonds in caves hidden in the snow and I never thought that I would have to face a white dragon, now I'm in a controversy, I can continue in search of diamonds hoping that this cave is not the nest of the dragon so I don't end up dead or use the technology at my disposal to record it, take pictures and bring enough evidence to believe the existence of this spectacular being. The thing is that it could cause a commotion in civilization to start hunting it and end up eliminating its existence, which I don't want.

While I think about my decision I look for it again with my visors and I am alarmed by the fact that I cannot find it anywhere, it is then when I hear it, it quickly approaches where I am and stops a few meters away, I think it will be my last day here but it is not, and it is then when I decide what I will do. I will not look for the diamonds, nor will I take evidence to civilization, I will leave these facts as myths and I will make sure that nobody finds it, that is why I destroyed my camera in front of it. In his eyes I see gratitude and at his departure he observed how he left me several of his scales and a feather. I didn't expect this interaction, but I'm leaving conscious of how right I was to act, you on the other hand can continue reading about the creation of this new commission for @smanuels.


  • Wacom Intuos 4
  • Medibang Paint
  • Photoshop

-Step 1:

This time I changed a bit the sketch model I normally use, I didn't go straight to do only structural lines, no, this time I gave a little bit of grayscale filler. Why? Because I was experimenting with new ways of capturing ideas.

-Step 2:

I continued to detail the dragon, even using grayscale, it's a great experience to do it this way, because I can let my imagination fly without being interested in color or other details, just shapes and volume, that's what interests me.

-Step 3:

According to the client's description, this dragon was supposed to be flying in the middle of a sunset, so I set to work, with the oil brushes and a palette of different tones between blues, pinks, oranges and some purple touches, with them I built an illuminated and very colorful sky, contrasting directly with the dark tone of the flying lizard.

-Step 4:

This is supposed to be a white dragon, so I took the cape where I illustrated the dragon and modified its luminosity, taking it to the lightest shade possible. Once it was already white, highlight the details with a gray tone, building in a somewhat tedious way each and every one of the scales on its back.

-Step 5:

Slowly and continuously I was able to finish all the scales and their due shading, I made more effort to detail the areas of the face, neck and the largest wing, thus establishing a point of focus to the viewer's gaze. You can see that in areas like the tail or the other wing, the details are simple and the coloring a little faster. It is remarkable the change in the position of the hind legs, these were very difficult for me, because I could not find an aesthetic position, but after many attempts, I managed to fix them in a nice and comfortable way for a flying being. Finally, with the tool "levels" I adjusted the lighting of the scene, darkening it in such a way that the scales were highlighted and the wing feathers were illuminated even more.

I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

See you in a future post!

Thank You for Supporting My Artwork



It looks good, how many hours have you spent on this?

About 20 hours in 5 days

That is quite some work, congratulations!

Beautifully make it

Thanks @jaaylee!

This looks supercool!🔥

It looks beautiful, I am inspired!

Great job. A white dragon wouldn't have been as cool as what you made here.

I feel strong looking at the image.

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