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I burn, I feel the heat in me, the fire inside me consumes me, I don't stop, I keep spreading my anger. Normally the flames would be my enemies and my greatest fear, but now they are part of me, thinking that I am a hybrid mixture of man and tree does not make me fear them, in fact, I feel powerful. My skin composed of tree bark camouflages me among them to protect them, but my intelligence and knowledge of speaking various languages was of no use to me when those humans approached.

I was patient and friendly, I thought about being different from mine, but now I understand their position. When they approached me to ask me questions declaring that they were curious about the forest, I did not realize that they were tricking me into cutting down everything they touched, they would pay dearly for it. It is my first and last experience with humans, but meeting them gave me the key to discernment and I reached the peak of my powers driven by my anger at their species

Take care of nature, mortal, or this tree engineered by @smanuels will burn your body to ashes that will fertilize its territory.


  • Wacom Intuos 4
  • Photoshop
  • Medibang Paint

-Step 1:

The sketch was easy, a few days ago I made another tree of this style, so it was only a matter of following the model of cracked bark and legs as roots, but in this tree I completely changed the personality, it is more expressive and even a little more evil.

-Step 2:

In the coloring I used dark tones, I wanted everything to contrast with the brightness of the flames, since these are the main characteristic of this being, I was all the time devising to be able to get a burnt wood effect.

-Step 3:

I plagiarized myself. Yes, I wanted to save some time and I made a copy and paste of the previous Ent, since the structure of its torso was the same as the previous one, with this I got a thinner and more slender body, besides the dry wood effect that the other tree already had.

-Step 4:

This Ent is supposed to be in an arid environment, so for the landscape I used low saturated tones close to brown, obtaining a dirty coloring ideal for the occasion. On the other hand, I dedicated myself to make the branches burn, using a diffuse brush to make the little flames, it seemed to me a little crazy that the brush used was the one from a package of skin brushes, that's why it's good to have a good variety of brushes at hand, you never know which one might be the right one for what you need.

-Step 5:

I kept working with the diffuse brush, this time I increased its size and went to make the sky, with soft strokes I got a pretty cool cloudy feeling, it didn't take me more than three minutes to do this, I was happy to achieve it in such a short time. Then, I made use of the following fusion modes: "overlay", "soft light" and "dodge color", they are my three loves when it comes to make any illustration stand out, with them I "lit" the flames and made them take a higher saturation, besides I could complete the wood burning effect on the trunk.

I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

See you in a future post!

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This is killer! can't wait to go checkout your other art pieces!

Thanks, if you want to see more of my art take a look at my blog, or wait for the next days where I will be uploading more fantasy art

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Thank you guys

Very fine ... I have always loved trees and also enjoy Tolkien, so I really like this!

Tolkien is pure fantasy, thank you for enjoying my art

You're welcome!

@aggroed, @yabapmatt... A new fire splinter card, maybe?😎

I don't think so.

Wonderful work

Thanks! @angel33

The end result looks so cool.

Thank you, the goal is always to make great art

Buenísimo, en esta versión esta que arde 😆 👍

Beginning and the result, all process.. That's cool, gratz ! :)