Low Poly Volcano Island

in OnChainArt2 months ago

Created a low poly volcano island, wanted to make myself an easy project to try to find the best way to make fluid. For making this little ocean part I just used glossy nodes and transparency node with the mixed shader. I just realized I could have used layer weight node as well to make it more watery and not so blatantly transparency. Itäs nice to render something once in a while that does not take me 5-12 hours to render.


tutoriali järgi paned neid v?

Ei, kui kasutan tutoriale, siis mingi kindla asja jaoks ainult. Nt how thicken verticles voi midagi sarnast. Selle jaoks ma ei kasutanud uhtegi tutoriali.

I love this style of 3d modelling. I usually have to make something like this (more realistic, though!) for our clients when working on urban planning projects! This inspires me to give Blender a go! How long did this take to render?

Because it was low poly it took me only like 8 minutes I think. I don't remember correctly, render sampling was 1024 and 4kx4k pixels.

Ah that’s not bad at all. Really good, even! I just ended up falling down my stairs and spraining my leg So I’ll see if I can use my “rest” time to play around with this!