DTIYS | Cute Unicorn Girl - Original Drawing by suupeergirl

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Hello art community! Today I bring you yet another cute #DrawThisInYourStyle, this time a Cute Unicorn Girl. The original drawing is by suupeergirl a very famous ilustrador from Mexico that has been able to make a living from her illustrations. She has also a cute style with a lot of inspiration from some Cartoon Network characters like The PowerPuff Girls, Adventure Time and Dexter's Lab. You can check more about here here.

Let's start with the drawing!

Original Drawing by suupeergirl (Vania Bachur):


My Version:


Process GIF:

It's nice to see Mexican illustrators having a lot of success. Right now I am still working to build my audience and I will continue working to improve my drawings. This is one of the first illustrations that I start and finish on the iPad, it was still done with iBisPaint X that's why you may not notice a lot of changes. I am going to continue using this app for most of my illustrations until I learn more about ProCreate and the other drawing apps. Next post I might share some of the tests that I have done with the iPad drawing apps. Stay tunes.

Until Next Time!


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A cute #DTIYS #Illustration! Posted on my #Hive Blog on the @onchainart community!#posh #DrawThisInYourStyle #cute #art #ArtistOnTwitter

Original Drawing by @suupergirl. https://t.co/BHDEAlvIbv

— GrisViSá (@GrisVisa) June 5, 2020

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So cute! I actually liked more your style haha