🎨Town XII - original painting (early works)

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Memories are killing. So you must not think of certain
things, of those that are dear to you, or rather you
must think of them, for if you don’t there is the danger
of finding them, in your mind, little by little.

― Samuel Beckett

056 Stadt 12.jpg

Town XII, 1993

Collage/acrylic on fiberboard
70 x 80 cm / 27.56" x 31.5"





The photos/clippings on the walls give them some interesting texture. Are these people you know or random magazine clippings or some combination thereof? :)

It's all people I know. I took these photos during my time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

That makes a pretty epic photo wall then :)

Congrats My precious friend. this is great

!discovery 30

Thank you!

That's very cool ! How long did that take ?

Thanks! It didn't take too long because I was using a collage technique for all the photos and texts. As far as I remember I was working on this 2-3 weeks.

2-3 weeks is more than long enough - as Lucy said:


very nice! :)
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Thanks @woelfchen!

This is great!

Thank you!

Woooww really really good painting.

Thank you!

Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I believe you that instantly with ur generic bot comment! ;)

Thanks @qurator!

Amazing art you are very creative

Thanks @gorllara!

Wow...This so beautiful...I was thinking its mural.


Very nice!


Welcome! I like your art, it's very detailed.


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