The Oracle (NFT #1/1)

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It's a subtle and powerful thing, prescience. The future becomes now. To be sighted in the land of the blind carries its own perils. If you try to interpret what you see for the blind, you tend to forget that the blind possess an inherent movement conditioned by their blindness. They are like a monstrous machine moving along its own path. They have their own momentum, their own fixations. I fear the blind, Stil. I fear them. They can so easily crush anything in their path.

-- Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

The Oracle.gif

Audiovisual loop 2560 x 1920 pix / 90 sec.
Available as NFT on SuperRare:

Rendered in Blender on the SheepIt Renderfarm


OMG! I love those eyes too much! The sun in your eyes!

The spark beats in the dog thing were wonderfully creepy. Great opening shot :)

utterly spectacular! tremendous visuals. sharing to my twitter and facebook right now!

Thank you!