🎨 Isle of the Death - colored ink drawing

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A commissioned ink drawing inspired
by Arnold Böcklin's painting Isle of the Death.

Isle of the Death 2017-11-22

Ink / acrylic on Arches aquarelle paper
28 x 40 cm / 11.02 x 15.75 in



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Thanks Otto!

wonderful, as usual. This is my first repost after five months of absence!

Good to see you back Liba!!!

Quite a bit of detail! Love it. Really nicely done.

That has this wonderful kind of mood where you kind of really want to go through the gates to check it out because it looks really cool and interesting in there, but at the same time you want to stay away at the very least and run the hell as far as possible at most XD

I like your rendition a lot. So many details! Giger did one too, didn't he?

Thanks! Yes he did!

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Wow! This is impressive! The way you have used hatching to form such an intriguing level of detail from afar... yet, up close it looks muddled and formless... The two perspectives combine to create an incredibly eerie and downright ghostly appearance!

Amazing work!

wonderfully great for framing and keeping on the wall away from the sun's rays so it doesn't fade:)

agreed! Just amazing :-)

The beauty of this work will make you want to enter this place, but the fear of what's in there will make you stay out here and just watch. This is a great work.

How interesting your fuguration style and the plot that you manage to capture in the very good 2D plane.

Nice job. Your painting reminds me of a building in real life, in the city of Trier / Germany. It's of Roman origin and called the "Porta Nigra":

This is also cool 👀👌👌👌👌