🎨 Catharsis - new original painting just finished

in OnChainArtlast year (edited)

I finally finished this little Decalcomania piece and I must say
that I enjoyed every single brush stroke while painting this.


Catharsis, 2020

Acrylic on fiberboard
25 x 20 cm / 9.84 x 7.87 in

Limited Giclée prints are now available on my --> website.





If you want to know how Decalcomania works you might
want to see my video documenting the process in acrylics:


This looks quite interesting, reminds me of a Dali's work the face of war. I like the detail work in this

The details are incredible!

Max Ernst would have approved! Really great.

Really interesting process video, thank you! And glorious work - so beautifully deep and precisely executed... :-) It's great to see other artists working with spontaneous/ organic mark-making - happy making to you, Clare

Thank you Clare!

Have you posted wips occasionally or am I just remembering recurring elements in your work?

Insert the usual rambling about your insane textures here XD

Oh cool good to know I'm not going insane :)

Great work

Really great @gric

Master piece!! 👏👏👏


So talented !

very original and that good art

Esto es de lo mas brutal que he visto hoy, es increíble.
¿Como se llama esta técnica?