BIOSPHERE II - Biosphere (experimental video)

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My latest 3D journey: "BIOSPHERE II"
Created and rendered in Blender 2.8 (Eevee)
Music: "Computations in a Snowstorm" by Scott Buckley


Biosphere II.mp4_000106639.jpg

Biosphere II.mp4_000180113.jpg

Biosphere II.mp4_000254153.jpg

Biosphere II.mp4_000264163.jpg

Biosphere II.mp4_000268434.jpg

Biosphere II.mp4_000319619.jpg


This looks really interesting. Now I am curious to try this program. Shared on Twitter. Thank you for the inspiration.

Thanks @aschatria!

@sharanaithal this is an example of a good Eevee render :)

Wow. My donut came out like it was in the microwave for 2 hours too long & then got bit by a zombie. Guess I'll need to tweak some stuff.

I just wanted you to see how fast Eevee was compared to Cycles when I told you to switch rendder engines to try it out XD I may have forgotten to tell you that you will need to mess with the lights to make it look nice x_x Yes you need to do a bit of tweaking to get something this good :)

A 4K rendering took approx. 45 sec. per image on my machine (8-core i9-9900k CPU, 64GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2080Ti). It took so long because of the recalculation of the high-detailed displacement modifier which was fed by a video texture. With a static displacement texture it would render in near real time. It took approx. 7 hours on the Sheepit renderfarm. On my machine it would take around 5-6 days.

I'm new to Blender, so that quality of reflection 3:00 onward in Eevee is magic to me.

Do you find that videos don't do well on Hive?