🎨Artefact XVI - Just finished this new commission

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Sometimes people ask me to paint a new variation of an existing painting which is no more available. This was the case with this latest commission. I've already painted this motif back in 2004. If you want to compare you can see the first version --> here


Artefact XVI, 2020

Acrylic on canvas
120 x 100 cm / 47.24 x 39.37 in

Me posing in front of the unfinished Artefact XVI.

20200210_2044_dsc_1436  Kopie.jpg






Truly amazing @gric, good scale too!

Thanks Donna!

I remember you doing tubey things, is this the same one you were working on a bit ago or different one?

I love how enormous it looks.

Wow, impressive!!! It's really a large canvas full of fantastic details! I think the buyer will be really happy to have this wonderful piece of art!

Thank you Silvia!

Awesome work.... hey, how do I get a Verified Artist , title ? Upvoted and reblogged.

Thanks @offgridlife! I have no idea how to get that Verified Artist title...

So many Hive Mysteries.... I like it.

Wow, the details are so greate, i'm a fan of detailed painting, i loved it!

Thank you!

Your work is just wonderful. I love all the details and the sensation of being in a tube city. Beautiful.

Thank you!

Great work my friend! Greetings

Thank you @emiliocabrera!

Awesome! I love those details!

Thank you @thenoy!

Mad skillz, @gric. It has a techno-organic feel to it. The entrails of an urban future. Fantastic!

Thanks @litguru!

Wooah Gric! What a great artwork! I'd like to have one of those in my room!

ow my God

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Thanks! :-)

Wow, exelente trabajo amigo, hermoza pintura, gracias por compartir, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.


Nice details!


the best


No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, incredible, congrats for such a talent.

Really astonishing <3 Creativity does matter xD

Impressive, most impressive.

wonderfull work. i love the details.

Amazing level of detail. Very cool.

Wow, this is simply incredible!

Wow, that's an amazing artwork here! Acrylic is quite new technique to me and it's huge inspiration. Keep doing great work 🙏😍