Android-Mind Loop - tokenized art

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Certainly the revolutionary thinker must go beyond thought.
He knows that almost all his best ideas come to him when
thinking has stopped. He may have struggled and struggled
to understand a problem in terms of old ways of thinking,
only to find it impossible. But when thought stops from
exhaustion, the mind is open to see the problem as it
is—not as it is verbalized—and at once it is understood.

-- Alan Watts

The high quality MP4-clip can be seen by clicking on this GIF-preview.

I used the 3D-reference of my Android-Mind series
for this animated Non-fungible token (NFT).

This NTF can be purchased and
traded on my profile at SuperRare.

My older original artwork based on this 3D-geometry:

Android-Mind 2014-07-17

Ink on paper
36 x 28.3 cm / 14.17 x 11.14 in
See more details --> here

Android-Mind II, 2014

Acrylic on fiberboard
40 x 32 cm / 15.75 x 12.6 in
See more details --> here

Another experiment based on the
Android-Mind geometry was this
3D-printed and painted relief:


Android-Mind, 2019

Mixed media, oil on fiber board
39 x 34 x 4.5 cm




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Obviously I'm still watching with my mouth wide open. You are a great artist and fortunately I became a member of Hive.I am very lucky to be able to get to know talented artists like you,and you here. Have a nice day my friend...

Thank you @xxxthorxxx!

Awesome work as always. I love Alan Watts. You have been added to the very Exclusive OG-Curation @offgridlife Artist Curation Trail. Upvoted and reHived to 5,000 people. Retweeted to 11,000 artists.

Wow! Thank you @offgridlife!!!

You are very welcome.

I feel like we're supposed to be looking mostly at the "brain" bit where it's pretty gold heavy but I can't help looking at the pretty gold pattern on what we can see of the torso XD

This particular piece just keeps evolving doesn't it :D



The details are super amazing. Just wow

Super cool. thanks for sharing @gric


Mind boggling!

That is really really really amazing artwork!

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Gratuliere, sehr schön !

Fantastic work... so awesome to see how it evolved!

always exceptional! congratulations.

Oh lord this is amazing 😋

There is something very interesting in steampunk theme and you showed the whole essence of it. Incredible artwork which I love since first sketch version, through 3d-printed and painted version till the one which was already sold on superrare.

I will add you to my following list to be sure that I will not miss anything from you in the future

OMFG. so cool!