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RE: Nature is more than enough

in OnChainArt9 months ago (edited)

Man, this is some excellent digital work. And your entire process of how to create it was very well documented here, which makes this post so much more worth it than if you would have just dropped the final art. Very well done!

I have put you on my autovoter and you inspired me to buy more Creativecoin to give you and others even higher upvotes.

What do you take for a digital art like this, if I would want to hire you?


Wow! Thank you very much @flauwy I always document my work to the best of my ability to inspire people
To date no one has hired me to do a work for him, I think it would be a matter of speaking for Discord about what is desired of the work ^ _ ^ whatever it is I can draw and illustrate it with vivid colors

Well, I have nothing concrete in mind right now but I will certainly come back to you about that eventually. I always appreciate amazing artwork like that. Keep it up. :)