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As per OCA rules we have a minimum quality standard that this post unfortunately does not meet.

Hi. I do not know your quality standards!

The curated content page is an example of the quality standards. You are welcome to post stuff like this in ArtBees (another community I moderate) if you like.

Did you hide my post because of the OnchainArt tag? I did not know just because one of my friends tagged OnchainArt and I did. I just went to Anchain Art page. The quality of work is very high. Most are digital.

It got hidden because you posted in the actual community which is separate from the tag. Communities are moderated, tags aren't, so as far as I'm aware we completely ignore the tag (I know I don't monitor it).

Yes, the quality of work is pretty high.

OK. I will try to use related tags from now on. Thanks for your good tips.
If you unhide my post It will be very good