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I've been super crammed working on my comic lately, which is why I've been completely MIA on here (I haven't had any new stand-alone pieces since my last post). As my first post out of reclusion, I wanted to share something related to my comic, yet at the same time, interactive. A DTIYS felt appropriate!

I'm launching it across my social media platforms (blockchain and Instagram) just for fun. If you're looking for something to draw, this might be just for you! Hope you folks enjoy!

Tag me in your post if you join in on the challenge so I can see it :D




Draw_This_2 2.JPG



I'm loving that witch doctor vibe!!
Such badassery! :)

yes! haha he knows all kind of jungle magic 🐍

Ooh this is cool and fun, I'll share and I'm totally going to do this! @eyedrip

yes!!! awesome!
and thank you!!

That's most impressive!

wow thanks!

So glad to see you on Hive :)

It took a while but yeah XD haha

I'm a simple man. I see great comic art, I like and follow.
Awesome piece.

thanks, dude! joining in on the challenge?

I'm not that good at character design but... why not!? I'll give it a shot.

yeaaaah!! :D

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I invite you to join @kommienezuspadt ! Thought you might enjoy this one :D

The ghost smoke and the skull look really awesome.

Is this the image you are asking people to draw in their style? Or this this one drawn in your style from some other source? I could not understand based on what I read.

Hi! thanks!
Yes, this is the image I'm asking people to draw in their style 👍

Wow! amazing work!