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RE: Nature is more than enough

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So awesome, reminds me of my lady a little bit. I found you through the #onchainart community and am greatly looking forward to seeing more of your work. FYI - this chain is unscensored so if you do post fully nude ones just make sure to check that box for explicit content so people are warned before entering. Loving the nature scene and the fact that she's a redhead - please continue with the nature scenes - fantastic art! Followed.


Thank you very much @elamental if my illustration reminds you of your lady, you are very lucky ^ _ ^
He saw some works of artistic nudes in this chain, and unfortunately I still do not know how to check the box for explicit content, I did the redhead to further highlight the background and because I am fascinated by girls with hair like that, and of course I will continue with more works with nature mathematics

I am lucky to have her, as wild as she can be at times. I am also fascinated by redheads, and just generally beautiful women of the forest that are more in tune with Gaia.

As far as the explicit checkbox, I know there was one on Steem, and I know there is one when using 3Speak, however I also cannot find one for Hive. It seems Hive is aiming to promote non-censorship as much as possible by not discriminating with nudity either. I'm about it. Did someone on Hive complain about you posting content like that?

BTW - I sometimes run logo and art contests and need help with other projects requiring custom art. I will certainly let you know when any of these things are happening in the near future. Blessings!

I love the contests but I never find out about these, or I know about them when it's too late T_T
I am always ready to help, do not hesitate to let me know ^ _ ^

Oh I will certainly let you know when I host my next contest. Are you on Discord?