The Wolf and the Moon

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Hi everyone!

Well I confess! Last days I been more in Twitter trying to understand and be uptaded with the Steem novel than in my Steem blog.

I'm making part of those in our community that have Twitter account and use it to make noise and stand for Steem.

But let's back to business!

With not much time last days, I've picked an old mobile artwork and give it a full restylish! ;)

Original work was made in my mobile phone with Sony Sketch App for Android, restylish was made in PicsArt App also for Android.

Here it is

The Wolf and the Moon


Hope you appreciate it, thanks for following me and support my mobile artwork.

We will win this battle!

Steem On!

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This reminds me of late night cry of a wolf. Thank you for sharing friend.

This reminds me of
Late night cry of a wolf. Thank
You for sharing friend.

                 - maxwellmarcusart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks! :)

Imagine haikubot even turned it to a poem!

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Ahahahhhh, lovely post!
I recently (re)discovered the Mute option: it work really fine! ;)

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