Today's finished piece of my latest Painting. It nears completion.

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The cat holds the secret

or some such title would be good for this bit of my latest painting.

Always finding another reason to add more to my work


I should really learn when to stop adding, yet most artists might agree that

It's hard to know when a painting is done...

And this one is not yet...but it's close. Very close.

Finding myself more drawn into my painterly dark pieces

my bright decorative pieces are falling on the way side, but I am determined to make more time for them in the coming weeks.

How do you prioritize your creative workflow?

do you give over parts of each day or each week to the workload?
Are you more productive in the morning or the evening?
I'm curious to know all simply out of curiosity and also to see if I can find a good pattern to try myself.

I hope whatever your schedule you find time to get to it today.




Have we seen other parts of this one before? There is some amusement trying to mentally piece all these things together XD

I'm an owl who is being almost literally forced to be diurnal, I can work during the day but I'm more productive in the evening/at night by orders of magnitude. I try to cram in a couple of hours each night as I can get quite a fair bit done if I'm not interrupted (sometimes the children desperately have to have extremely long in-depth conversations with me during this time -_-) and then I feel like I've done "enough" for the day and then I can go to bed early.

I did have set days where I would try to work on specific things if we weren't going anywhere but that feels really flaky at the moment (mostly because I don't know what we're doing any given day) so I'm trying to decide whether to try to work that one in or whether I ditch it and try something else.

Ahh the fun of trying to fit stuff in and make it work XD

It is always a challenge, isn't it @ryivhnn though I've not children to contend with and most of my day only myself to dictate to and with whom I've conversations.

I am a morning person, dyed in the wool. I've always been, never sure how or why such things come about, my Mother was a NIGHT owl for certain and my Father a morning person? I thrive best up at 5:30 one hour reading and coffee (I look forward to that as I wake up, so maybe that helps me to hop out of bet ready for the day) By 7 in the even don't ask me to do anything creative or really much of anything. I could surely hold conversations, but that's about the limit of it.

Awesome, glad to see you again😊how you been?

Okay, still living in this odd 2020 that seems always to be some sort of dream lol :/ How are you?

Same, left the job at an airport due to the virus, it closed down, so now I can create more😂 have to find positive things somehow through it all

Also, i see you have verified to your name, just saw it, how can I do the verification?

NOt a clue? It just showed up one day?