The Truth Will Out a new Black and White piece

in OnChainArtlast year (edited)

The world becomes increasingly odd and thus my drawing does as well.


Again, in case it gets cropped


I've ceased to wonder at the world

nor even my own country for that matter. Virus, Riots, what is next, Alien invasion?
Who can say?

All I know is I keep my head down and my gaze in the garden.

That bit of life seems 'somewhat' controllable as too does art. I have not done a black and white in some time and who knows what fevered dreams brought this little piece about.

I toyed with the title being a few things, even

True Witches Will Out

as this is technically a part of my 'witch' series. A series I should probably share again here on #hive for sure.

When the world seems so vast and troubles immense all we can do is quietly keep living.

Surely there are those who wish to grab a pitchfork or pen opinions, but alas, who knows what can be done? Surely not I? I wonder at my own simple little life as is, I've not delusion I've any answers to problems, nor I might add, even what those problems TRULY are?

So, I'll leave my little witch here

at her OWN business and let you enjoy her lines ; scratch your head at her own odd behaivour, how ever you slice it, I had fun making this piece.

I hope your day and your part of the World

is free of bad things. Though I know that a tall order. Perhaps then find just one simple joyful thing IN your world and relish it. The contrast of Good and Bad seems ever more Black and White.

As always, like share subscribe and all those good things.




I think it's been odd for quite a while now XD

I only see things like this as black and white :)

Fantastic drawing. The World... well...

👋 Hi @donnadavisart, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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Great work!

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

@tipu curate

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