The Latest bit of My current Witch Painting in my BlockChain series of Art.

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Here is the latest section of my current Witch painting


I'm going to share it as I finish it in sections like this, as it's how I work on the piece, building it up, so I figure it makes sense.

This was the piece I shared last time:


And again Today's section, which sort of shows their connection:


And again, the black and white finished illustration

I made that inspired this current iteration.


The finished oil piece will be for sale On the block chain. I'm hoping to use possibly 2 places for Blockchain art sales, so I'm wondering of having it animated in one or possibly in 2 colourways would make it still 2 unique pieces on each platform. Or perahps I'll have one blockchain platform oils and the other my Black and White illustrations? Who can say?

I do know that I've always had the dichotomy in my artwork

of the Dark and the light. I find myself wanting to create darker more symbolic works, such as this, but then wanting to 'CLEANSE the palette' with decorative bright Animal pieces. So, why fight the dichotomy? Embrace it.

Well that is enough yammering for me today

I hope all are getting used to lockdown, if you are still in it, or enjoying your freedoms, if you have them :)

I hope all have a lovely day




Awesome work, the details are just amazing and color really pops! If you're going to have 2 versions they needs to be big enough difference and it's better to upload both on the 1 same block chain and mention that there are 2 version, based on everything I've read so far.

Oh that's good to know, Maybe I'll do my black and white only illustrations on one blockchain platform and my oils on another :)

Hope this helps- You can always ask in their discords to be sure image.png
This is for makersplace, but knownorigin had similar from what I remember

Amazing, I really like how you turn these high contrast B&W illustrations in full colour paintings 💙

Thanks @melooo182 I have fun making the black and white illustrations as well, but then it's nice to work back again to detail :) Again, I've always the dichotomy, just part of my make up I guess.

One style on each seems like a good idea 🙃 though I know precious little about this kind of thing 😆

Those boots are so witchy they’re fantastic.

I love both versions!! And I totally adored the redhead's look! Brilliant composition, one of my favorites so far!