New Painting in my Oil Series. Making body of work for Art on the Blockchain

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Here is the section I've been working on of my latest piece:


Working in my usual Animal decorative pieces I'm happily working in my darker art for Blockchain


Those who follow me may recall this as part of one of my Black and White Witch illustrations.


which indeed it was. I so enjoyed the sketch and then the Ink finished piece I bookmarked it to come back and work on it in oils/pastel.

Along the way I joined up a new Cryptoart space NFT showroom here on Hive

thanks to @juliakponsford Who was a DEAR and helped me, via discord, to properly sign into the site. I'm still waiting to see how to upload and such, but I think I wish to make a body of work specifically FOR the blockchain.

My main decorative pieces focusing on animals

as well as fabric/wallpaper design is still a bit of my bread and butter and with my DETERMINATION to continue making videos (whether anyone watches them or not!) I've been pushing myself to get MORE done on the daily.

Now, back to this piece

it is only a section I've worked on thus far and the final painted piece WHEN it goes on the blockchain WILL include all you see in the black and white ink illustration.

I'm obsessed with my witches and familiars

and I just think they are going to be perfect study for my Blockchain art.

I still wish to share my videos on #3speak

So am now doing those posts separately here on Hive through their platform, to support that. HOWEVER, I still will happily invite anyone to come to my Youtube channel as well if you like, today we tour a bit of our old boat house which will ONE day be studio/workshop.

I hope all have a lovely day




Hey Donna, I sent you a message on instagram for verification, as soon as you reply I will approve so you can start minting art!!!!!!!!

Wonderful. I just replied :)Thanks again for all you do @juliakponsford

awesome, approved!

Wonderful, another impetus to get a series going! Thanks again!

Oh yay glad you finally got on there :D I think your work is perfect for it :)

I hope so @ryivhnn! I've not really even poked about yet, are you on there? I suppose one follows and the like? I've got in my calendar for Sunday. In the meantime I need work for it :)

I'm "on" there because it's built on hive. I don't make the right kind of stuff for it though :)

Oh, haha, see I'm still a bit 'dense' with the entire concept of it all :) @ryivhnn