I've been busy making Youtube Videos

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Hello all, so sorry to be gone so long from the platform, but I've been making and producing Three videos a week for youtube and it takes up basically every day :) Nothing like a full time job that pays NOTHING haha.


But, I HAVE still been doing art, here is a sketch/study I'm working on that I shared in my video.

Here's my latest video anyway (I do three a week Mon Wed Friday)

My channel is about my life being an Artist living on the sea

so I usually have some art happening as well as a beach walk and my current project of making over a bit of our boat house for a cottage/studio space.

Here is one of my videos from this past week and if you want to SUBSCRIBE that would be wonderful. Sadly, on Youtube you cannot even begin to earn pennies until after you reach 1000 followers and I'm in the high 800s haha.

The irony is of course if I were diligently posting here, I'd probably earn more in Crypto,

but I've been inspired, since lockdown, to make the jump to create my channel. I've sort of always wanted to,but then was inspired by such Channels as Chateau Diaries and Doing it Ourselves, both people who live in France in Chateau's they are fixing up.

It's true, I do NOT live in a chateau (if only) but I do have some unique things like our sea view and projects that I thought would be fun to share. Almost as if it was my duty TO share my sea view and quiet with others that are locked down in cities and such.

Well, I hope all of you are doing well and as I get my schedule of keeping up with my vlog daily I hope to start slipping back into Hive as part of it.

I find when making a new strict schedule for work

that I need to pick one large element, such as Youtube, and get that down for a few weeks ONLY before slowly adding more, other wise it all topples down and then I'm just stuck not knowing what to do.

Do others of you have to build up your work schedules this way?

or are you naturally good at doing many things OR wise enough to only focus on ONE.

I'll close here and sorry for all who I have not visited your blogs.

And SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you like (It's a youtuber thing I guess that we have to ask) LOL

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT5h0k7OV7GGVJIjZc-e35A?sub_confirmation=1


I'm quite sure Viktor Schoensomething was really a wild child in the 30s because he obviously rode a Triumph Motorcycle :)

Triumph actually did some art deco things in the 30s, with their own famous designer.


I don't multitask at all well. I'm best served to do one thing and then move on. Not that I don't have 47 unfinished projects...

Good to see you my friend.

I've really been into my 30's magazines lately, maybe it's the Depression we're all currently going into haha, who knows? Glad to see you as well, boy making videos is a FULL TIME job (no pay tho, so ...It's the LONG game for sure)

How have you been? Is your state still locked down as we are here in Mass?

I've been well. Really well. Arizona is mostly open, some reduced capacity (restaurants and gyms) and masks required but our infection rate is currently really low.

I hadn't told you, I found my birth family this year, visited with them in Spokane. My 'new' brother is going to be here tomorrow. I'm pretty jazzed at the whole deal.

I think you have enough going for you to play the long game on YT.

I once wrote a series on Art Deco motorcycles. Harley probably won that game :)

Oh Congragulations @bigtom13 about your family and a new Brother, how wonderful! My best to you and your new family and so excited for you.

That is good about your state as well, I'm not sure when or what the New "NEW" world will be, but I guess playing the long game on YT at least keeps me at home LOL :)

Yay you're back :D I was hoping you were just busy with life and hadn't gotten around to posting and that you hadn't quit on us :) (or worse D:)

And yeh as you've probably already figured out, videos are pretty intense, definitely try to build up a backlog if you're going for any sort of schedule in case something comes up that makes you unable to do a video for whatever reason :)

I'm trying but I've been sticking with my three a week but it takes all week to make those so not sure how the backlog will happen, lol but I've stuck with it so far. I was going to go to ONE a week once I reached 1000 followers (the magic number on youtube) but considering going to one sooner so I can have time to do other things connected with it. Also considering a Patreon account tie in, as others have suggested it . How are you @ryivhnn how is lockdowns in your part of the world?

I'm pretty sure I've previously suggested that 3 videos a week was a bit ambitious ;D

Nothing wrong with going to one a week if you want to add in other things and finding it hard to do so when trying to edit so many videos.

Patreon is a bit of extra work to set up and might work out well for you :)

I felt like it wasn't a particularly good fit for me so bailed

I'm doing fine over here, but my side of the country completely doesn't count :)

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