Finished my latest piece today! See it being finished on my Vlog and meet some of my chickens!

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I finished the piece!


Pretty happy with it as I did it in my 'animals in chairs' style


Now I've got to get it resized and fuss with it for prints and products. Which I think I'm going to be taking Sundays as the catch up on uploading art for sale as well as TRYING to get back to responding and interacting more here on HIVE!

I'm just so busy daily with videomaking

and editing on top of making the art and gardening and and...yeah the list goes on.

Anyway, if you'd like to see this painting being made join me on today's Vlog

so hop on over to Youtube (and subscribe if you haven't!) and see what I'm up to.

I hope all are having a great day

and take a moment to do something creative, it'll keep your mind off our New Normal.




That frame is very pink XD

I love how the pug and the chicken look a bit uncertain about each other, so cute XD

OH the 'frame' is just on there for social media, the actual print will NOT have that pink.

Thanks, I definitely like the idea of the animals interacting in my pieces.