A new painting finished from my watercolour study.

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My finished piece in my Witch and Familiar series


Having decided to continue my series for possible blockchain art


had me take another of my studies and make it in oils/pastel

the sketch and study I had done


Just seemed ripe for the Series.

finding that balance of what to work on

has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I always find myself pulled in two directions, but since really considering art on the blockchain I began to think of my passion for figural work the perfect venue for it. And having a venue for it gives me the okay to follow through.

Now I've just to decide when to upload and if to simply use one platform.

I have a few pieces on another blockchain platform, but also wish to support and be a part of the new NFT showroom, so we shall see.

In the mean time I'm having fun

playing with my witches and their familiars. Going to the studio of a morning is now the thing I'm looking forward to more than it being 'work'.

I hope all of you find a moment to focus your own passions

and enjoy the day no matter where you are creatively.

And as always, like, upvote and repost if you can :)




Love that one <3 beautiful lady with her lovely fox friend :-)
Lately I struggled a bit with doing art. I came to hive because I was excited to finally share my art, but because it takes me hours to write a proper post, I haven't taken the time to do a lot of creative stuff.
But my skills in writing in English are getting better, and writing is also a kind of art, right? ^^

I'm always SO impressed with how many people are So good at English as a second language whilst most of us, who speak it as a first, would struggle writing in a second ( I know I would) so well done you!

And you can always just share your artwork with a simple few sentences saying, "here it is guys!" :)

That's a great idea!
But I like writing in English, it's something new to learn, and I always like learning new things :-)
And I'm sure it's just my German perfectionism, that makes me take so long. But I'm also learning to let go of that ^^

Had to adjust my eyes, at first look I saw the fox wearing the dress XD

I like this one. Has absolutely nothing to do with liking foxes >_>

Yeah I wanted there to be a melding of sleeve (dress) and hair and fur :) @ryivhnn

Oh I wasn’t confused just for a change 😆

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