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Good morning and happy start to the week, today I start on the right foot with a post of the first illustration of a short series of original drawings, an exclusive style to sell, the yokaiju111.jpg

This illustration is born from the union of the yokai that are the ghosts, entities, Japanese demons and the kaiju that are the typical giant monsters of Japanese movies and series, these are made at random, that is, I do not make a previous sketch, I just draw and do it What comes out like this remains for what I call '' puzzle illustrations '' which are, to put it somehow, pieces together that may or may not have a meaning haha

the process starts like this


How do you see a skull without much shape and a traditional Japanese mask in half6.jpg

Then I add details and so it progresses if they realize a sketch is not going as I had mentioned, I only draw directly without thinking much5.jpg


Already here the stranger from another world is taking more shape

And the other thing is that I only use two colors so the whole series will be only two colors red and blue creating a union of purple between them in some areas

this work was enhanced with a good cup of hot chocolate at dawn haha2.jpg

and well, this is the end of this work that you already saw from the beginning, these are exclusive for sale so if you like them they are available, soon the others;)122.jpg

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really cool! :)

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