Digital Drawing - Agony

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What's up folks, how are you? welcome to a new post, this is the best drawing I've done so far and is on sale at GhostMarket if you want to buy it.

Link to buy

Although these last months I was inactive, it does not mean that I was not learning anything on the contrary it has been the time in which I have learned the most and there is still a long way to go n.n

Process / Proceso









The first thing I did for this drawing, was to start with the shape of the face, by trial and error as it was a form that I had not practiced so far, after finishing the first phase go to the most complicated, the hands but do not believe I feel that drawing the hands is much more complicated than drawing a face or maybe it's because they had not practiced much, total spend a day practicing how to structure and paint the hands, if you realize in the first image are very deformed hands xD then elevated

That was all for this post, until the next