TUTORIAL to draw a Mandala!

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Hello community! I want to show you a little step by step on how to make mandalas. It is common to find in bookstores, and even on the internet, countless mandala coloring books ... but, it is much more fun (and therapeutic) to do them from the beginning, that the design is born from your own inspiration and not just the color ! <3

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-02 at 20.51.55.jpeg

Today I made this one for you, and now I show you how the process was


White page
Geometric compass

Step 1
Draw concentric circles


Step 2
With the help of a protractor and a ruler divide the circumferences into equal sections


Paso 3
Now let your creativity flow! with the help of the guide lines, build petals

IMG_20200902_182118 (1).jpg

Until you have completed the entire structure of your mandala


Step 4
Start creating patterns in each petal (it is for me the most fun and interesting part XD)


Everything you can think of is valid


Step 5
And finally, once you have finished drawing all the patterns on the petals, start coloring! ... All the color you want. The more color the better!


Never enough color hahaha XD


And this is how it is done! As you can see, it is very simple .. it requires a little patience and a lot of creativity !!

Just let yourself go and have fun in the process!

I hope you liked this tutorial and are encouraged to do yours !!

A big hug and see you on the way !!

With love Veru! <3


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Holaaa mi veruuuuuuuuuu!!!

Evitaaaa!!.. me emocioné de verte por aqui!!.. jajajaj un abrazo grandote pa ti!! XD

The patience you must have to be able to make that all by hand is incredible. Fantastic mandala! Very well done.


Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it!... with love everything is possible !! <3

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