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I 've been working with this artwork since last year. I have not decided which is the final version of digital art and that indecision and with these possible versions this gif arose.

I always say that textures are very important and here I used several. One of them is a photo of a painting in process, which had varied textures and strong colors. The other is the back of a painting on white cardboard where I used ink and alcohol and scanned it. Those two images are what made the most of the magic, since what they were made of I saw things to highlight or modify the character and the scene.

Solaria h.gif

This gif in high quality is available in Makersplace.

Digital art / Photomanipulation + digital painting / Gif
Bárbara Bezina ✋

canva / facebook / blog / makersplace

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Brava Barbara! I like your works!

Thank you 💕