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This is the product of my first approaches to the 3D world. I have wanted to learn for a long time and after having tried very little I decided to sit down and not get up until I had achieved something. I had some problems because I really understand almost nothing but as always when I want something I find a way to do it even if it was not the "correct" one. So I ended up in Photoshop because I couldn't solve my ignorance. There everything became easy and I was able to make this gif. My idea is to continue learning so a world of new possibilities opens up.

Selfinstruction h.gif

2500 x 1659 px, GIF (60.4 MB)

In another dimension I am, about to be born on a physical planet. I choose to go there myself and I know I will forget all this once I take my first breath. Here I am now, in full self-knowledge and intruding on what awaits me in that special world. Although I remember nothing there and I am trapped in a dense body, I will be here for when you need me, when you, who is me, need to wake up.

This work is available in Makersplace:

Some frames:




Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Your work is really inspiring! I just stumbled upon your account and browsed through your posts. I very new into making digital art and I'm quite overwhelmed sometimes with all the opportunities ^^ trying to find my way through this and something like "my own style".
It's very inspiring to see what you do, and what is possible :-)

Thanks for your words 💜 Keep going! It's a world of pure magic and there is much to learn!

Great work!

Thank you 💗