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I'm on a new platform to tokenize art, Portion. I saw the page a long time ago and applied as an artist, I remember that it seemed very beautiful and aesthetically interesting. They wrote recently to me letting me know that I was going to take part and that I could now tokenize works. When I had chosen the work and was about to upload it, I realized that the maximum was 10 MB, so I went to old folders and looked there, since I have some less than 10 MB. I came across this one that I really like and it makes me remember how obsessed I have always been with textures, and I'm glad! because if you look closely, it is a beauty.

Reverdecer h.jpg

Green from the dark, like a seed. Go to the most unknown depths and elevate what we find there. Only by going down can we see that what there is are treasures, our treasures. That inevitably transforms us. Digital art / Photomanipulation

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Thank you for sharing these textures and moods :)

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