Atomic number 14

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I think I have several favorite works and it is among the first positions. It's oil on an old and hard wood that I found. I love painting on this type of wood, I always like to use unconventional bases. And I also like to paint unconventional things like this painting.


Beautiful wood! I haven't painted with oils for a long time because I've been using inks and gouaches all this year.


From the days when I was painting it.


Among the double analog exposures that I have done here is one, a self-portrait + this painting. I used a Canon ae-1 and an Ilford pan 100 film, developed and scanned at home.


Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Beautiful and Original. I like very much. 😮

Thank you! 💖

Very interesting and authentic. The color palette is great. Congratulations!

Thank you! 😘