What a marvelous day ! a tangled animation 😁

in OnChainArt β€’ last month

I think it's been way too long I have not shared some animated art with you, so here it is !


This special animation was firstly aimed for #caturday ( why the final image at the end) and I worked the whole day to have it on time for this day,

but after the day of drawing and animating, I was too flat tire to make it a blog so I decided to post it the next day...LoL

I believe that in life you shouldn't add obligations where there aren't any 😁
obviously no one was going to die if I hadn't posted yesterday, that's for sure,
besides no one was going even realizing that I had not posted, and it's perfect as well !
I love to be an un-essential element on earth for it to continue to turn, really ...
of course if I was not here, my world will be less bright in the absence of our fanciness πŸ˜„


So I had a wonderful day making this illustration...





then to animate it....

these 3 characters really give me a big smile, I like how the green one is pecking some kisses while the other is trampolining on the sweet cat's head ...πŸ˜„


then to integrate it into a photograph that of course I would have hastened to animate also .... 🀭


this is where unbridled creativity leads us, indeed ! πŸ˜„
we go to do a simple illustration, and we look up at the end of the day to realize that we have come a loooong way and that we had too much fun for anyone to think it's a serious job 😁

.... that's probably why artists bleed when having to put a price on their work....



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What a cutie kitty animation.. You are way to humble madame @barbara-orenya Your art is infectious .. Just what the doctor ordered...πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Haha !smileycat_thank_you.pngmuch for your nice words @manorvillemike , I'm happy to be a nurse-in-smile 😁

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thank_you_snail.png very much my dear πŸ˜‰
How was the Formula one ? Hope you had a great time watching at it ?

It started before the sun was even up here and I got the start time wrong, so I missed the beginning. The race was in Ella's beautiful Sochi though, and it's always fun for me to imagine that I am there! My favorite team, McLaren, had a bad day, so I switched to cheering for @brittandjosie's favorite!

What great interactions ! I didn't know you both loved car races, I learn that by @brittanjosie and was amazed 😊


I love my son and grandson and watching car races and football are a great way for me to take part in their interests! I started watching football with my son when he was 10 and even when he was at University he came home on Sundays to watch the game with me so that I didn't have to watch alone. He has never caught on to the fact that it's him that I love, not the football game!

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This good picture

thanks =)

You are well

Its amazing art, thanks for sharing

thankyousnail.png @idea-make-rich πŸ˜‰

This brightened up my evening, I love cats and I love your art.😊

crocodile.png much for your appreciation @discoveringarni 😊

I am up too early this morning, because my cat Blue woke me up. And the first post I saw was yours. Such a wonderful start of the day with your cute animation. You did put a smile on my face. πŸ˜€

happy to be of public utility my dear @nelinoeva ! 😁

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