The stripped beets, digital fanciness [ENG-FR]

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Today I present to you two facetious little characters, well on their plateAujourd'hui je vous présente deux petits personnages facétieux , bien dans leur assiette
happy in their skin .... oops, I should rather say that they are slightly stripped but that seems to amuse them all the same 😁et bien dans leur peau....oups, je devrais plutôt dire qu'ils sont légèrement dépouillés mais cela semble bien les amuser quand même 😁


Ok, this is the slightly agitated version, now let's take a look at the situation with a little more coolness ...Ok, ça c'est la version un peu remuante, maintenant voyons la situation un peu plus calmement...
Here it is, things are more steady when we calmly assess the situation ...voilà, les choses sont plus posées lorsqu'on évalue tranquillement la situation...
So here we have two raw beets on a plate, and it looks like they don't have much left on their backs ... probably naturist beets ... all their peels are strewn on the plate and obviously they weren't expecting Paparazzi to show up and steal a shot ...Alors ici nous avons deux betteraves crues dans une assiette, et l'on dirait bien qu'elles n'ont plus grand chose sur le dos...probablement des betteraves naturistes...toutes leurs pelures jonchent l'assiette et manifestement elles ne s'attendaient pas à ce qu'un Paparazzi débarque et leur vole un cliché...


Let's get closer to get to know each other betterApprochons nous de plus près afin de faire plus ample connaissance
after all, it is natural to be skinless from time to time, you feel lighter, maybe even freer 😊après tout, il est naturel d'être sans peau de temps en temps, on se sent plus léger, plus libre même peut-être 😊


They look really nice, frankly, I always dreamed of being friends with a beet ...Ils ont l'air vraiment sympa, franchement, j'ai toujours rêvé d'être ami avec une betterave...
haven't you ? 😁Pas vous ? 😁






Well, we're going to leave these two cute beets aloneBon, on va les laisser un peu tranquilles ces deux mignonnes betteraves
I hope you enjoyed getting to know them,J'espère que vous avez apprecié faire leur connaissance,
if that's the case don't hesitate to turn vote up cheer(full) blast and share the fun, we appreciate all the supports that allow us to continue to unleash our creativity and participate in your fun on the blockchain 😉si c'est le cas n'hésitez pas à mettre la gomme sur vos votes et partager le fun, ici nous apprécions tous les supports qui nous permettent de continuer à laisser joyeusement libre cours à notre imagination et participer à votre amusement sur la blockchain 😉

And mostly, remember to




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Beetman and Emma Peeled. What coincidence that they be named after two famous screen figures: Beetman is the caped crusader who has his headquarters in the Beetcave. And Emma Peeled is the lady partner of Mr. Steed in the Avengers or known more as Mrs. Peeled. No wonder the paparazzis are all over them! I love these 3-D art of yours.

coincidence...I don't think so 😉 😁
Had a lot of additional fun with the names indeed ...glad there are some people smart enough to understand them 😄Thank you whale.png @gems.and.cookies


Or maybe old enough to remember ha ha. Thanks for the ENGAGE tokens. Here's some too.

Hahaha ! I had first writen "old enough", and then I erased because old is only a state of mind 😜
thank you !BEER

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Beet-ween you and me, the veggies are adorable! I never tire of your whimsey! These two are enough to make my night feel nutritious!

Thanks again, Barbara! @barbara-orenya

Bisous! Bisous!

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I love all the plays with the Beet word that emerge to the surface ! 😁

I invente my own fun to make me laugh and I'm happy it works also for others...😄 what a pleasure it is for me to share my fun...Thank you much for your always great feedback my Denise !artist et tableauredim.png


Beet was a really fun one!! :))

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 last month 

These delightful characters can't be beet 😁
Love that platter they are borrowing, too! So pretty! 😊

Haha ! too much fun with a beet or two indeed ! 😄
And yes, I have some lovely plates that I like to use for this special occasion... 😉
chat.pngMeow much for your comment and appreciation my dear !


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I'm definitely your fans, I love your work, cheers for you.

I'm happy to entertain you @lorennys 😉
thank you vache.png much for your comment, appreciation and rehive 😊


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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So lonely and naked... the rest have been eaten already? ;(((

These two small beets were enough for me, alone at lunch...yes their destiny was a bit biting, I grated them and added a bit of vinaigrette....they had a short, but fun life, I promise 😁


Damn, you should not spare the details, i already feel sorry for them lol

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So cool haha its diferent art *. *

Hehe...thankyousnail.png @oscurity 😉

Hello Beetman and Emma Peeled! I had never imagined beets to be such fun 😍 and they make me miss them more. I think I will remember these two characters the next time I see beetroots again.

I'm afraid you will eat your next beets with a bit of nostalgia and guilt now...😁
crocodile.png for your comment @discoveringarni 😉


Haha, most probably 😄

Hahha! So cute! :)

happy you enjoyed the beets ! 😉 they are often unloved vegetables ...😄

I love beets! 😊

Hi, I really like them free and smiling,
It is always a pleasure to visit you, you make me be a girl again and now believe me we really need it
Happy Thursday