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@midlet Is it ok for me to re-post tutos or step by step of my paintings I have made some months or years ago, as they obviously didn't reach the same audience it could today and mostly, would be now of more interest posted on an art chain..? ;-)


Yes :)

@midlet - short answer, but now I am not so sure that you are right: I just had been downvoted and berated by steemcleaners for doing something similar, i.e. advertising a short version Memento Mori of a long blog of MEMENTO MORIby posting 1 previous image (the actual uncropped artwork) and adding 2 more new images - and I linked to my long blog and talked about my studio and where it is located, with links, but leaving out all the other text, detail and progress photos from my long version, instead adding new info about where my studio is and what it looks like. But @steamcleaners say "copy/paste" ......

makes sense, yes, particularly if they were undervalued.