first digital work in my new drawing tab.

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greetings all.I am posting after a long time due to my real life busyness.

It can be said that this is my first digital work in my new drawing tab.Although I have done a few digital art using mobile before
I usually work at Traditional medium. When I was join in the hive Community Learn about different art markets.Which encourages me to do digital art.l deposited some money and bought a drawing tab.If it was a matter of time for me.
I feel comfortable with traditional media.I don't know how digital art will work with me.

you can find me on others sites


Hope you are doing fine. Amazing work!

let's see. thank you so much @remenzer

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It looks like it was made on a sheet of paper because of the type of painting it has, but it is digital and it is very, very good and accomplished.

wall said. actually l am new in digital.l don't know many technical thing. that's why i was try to do balk and white portrait.
anyway thank you @richijr

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