The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #13

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So we have reached the last day of this nativity series. I must say it was nice for me to go back over the posts and do a spot of editing and put them back in the spotlight for another 7 days. I still have a good few from La Pineda to document but these have been the ones I have done so far. Very soon I will continue sharing some new/ old works in sand, snow and ice and hope that maybe this year I will be able to get back to work again in the ephemeral art scene. For now please click the image to see the full post.

Thanks for the interaction this week on my posts especially from @ryivhnn. I'll see you all again very soon with some new content.

The School Nativity

Originally posted on November 22, 2020


Beautiful! Happy 2021!

Same to you. Let us hope it is a good one. !ENGAGE15

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