The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #11

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There have been many ups and downs with the La Pineda sand nativity. That could have been caused by many things; Weather, energy levels, design not coming together as expected. It could also have been that over the years the people who first invited us to the project had been replaced by a newer less motivated group of civil servants who still wanted to continue the project but treated us more as workers than friends. When we began in the year 2000 we were wined and dined in the best of restaurants, all given our own private rooms in a nice hotel and partied long into the night with good friends and even the mayor.

Slowly but surely our friends got voted out, costs were cut and so too seemed the respect. So, there were a few years that we may not have been as motivated as we could have been. The hotel was replaced with a cold rented apartment the restaurants were replaced with a cafe for every meal. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind slumming it but if you want the best from anyone you need to treat them with respect and care.

I'm not saying that this is what happened this year but there was definitely a dip in the 2010s on the project that could have affected the atmosphere on the project.

There were aspects I liked about this sculpture but in total, I think it was one of my least favourite years. Of course, you should decide by clicking on the image below to give it a read.

Box Nativity

Originally posted July 16, 2020


You had some fun with the sculpture at least didn't you? :)

Conspiracy theory: the later batch of civil servants were cutting costs as hard as possible to be able to keep as much grant money as possible for themselves XD but yeh people like that are no fun to work with.