The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #10

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We have a few more of these nativity posts to come before Christmas is over. It is nice for me to share them again as they took a while to put them together and the 7-day payout window means that unless you are getting lots of auto votes or get stumbled upon by a whale, your posts can be like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. In discussions over the last few days, it seems that this is a big hindrance of Hive to content creators and one that will hopefully be fixed sometime especially for those that create more evergreen content.

I'm happy to share this one again as I think it was one of the more impressive nativities in La Pineda, especially due to its size. Please give it a viewing by clicking on the image,

Super Sized Nativity

Originally published May 25. 2020


I remember being concerned about the angle of the baby’s head in this one 😆 it was a very interesting perspective 🙃

I must have missed this one! I like the way Mary is leaning back on Joseph, like a comfortable couple.

As always very impressive work. happy 2021.

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