The 13 Cribs of Christmas = #09

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We had another Covid scare in my family over the last few days as things have gotten pretty bad in Ireland yet again due to Christmas. My Son was a close contact with another child in school that had it before the holidays. So we had to quarantine and get him a test. Luckily it came back negative today but it has been a major worry as we had dropped in on my mother on Christmas day. We wore masks the whole time and only stayed for around twenty minutes across the room but I was very worried. This pandemic is becoming a right pain in the arse. We also just found out today that my wife sister has it after having a visit from an anti masker who already knew she had symptoms. I'm sorry but these people are really pissing me off. I hope that 2021 will see and end to all this nonsense.

But, of course, I am really here today to share another sculpture post around the theme of Christmas. Manga is cool and for the 2008 La Pineda nativity in Catalonia, we decide to use it as the overall style. I really liked how it all came together but please do read the full post to get the rest of the story.

Just click on the image.

Manga Nativity

originally posted Apr 3, 2020


Seems like you still have people that think it's okay to take a codral and soldier on before this thing has burnt out? -_-

I definitely remember this one for how cute it was XD

It is the ripple effect that these people cause that annoys me the most. These days I treat everyone like they are a zombie and steer clear.

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