The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #07

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A very weird Nativity for you today. This one was made in 2006 in La Pineda and all bets were off. It was decided that we would make our nativity as a critique of modern life around the Christmas story. I had to make the Woodcutter who is a figure that appears in the Catalan crib. I took the approach of the consumerism that has overpowered the Christmas message. Ba humbug or not, you decide.

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A modern nativity - sand sculpture

Originally posted Oct 16, 2019


This is too awesome. How do you get the sand to stick together like that?

Hi @autobodhi, the main trick is that the sand is compacted. If you check out my post you will get an idea how that is done. Sand is a great material because it is so scalable and can actually withstand the weather quite well.

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I remember being absolutely bah humbug about the rampant consumerism some years back as well so you are/were in dubious company there XD

This Christmas at my house we have become very conscious of it. My 5-year-old even says that he doesn't want any more toys because they are bad for the environment. I may have gone too far and given him a complex.

Oops 🤣 he'll pick up the quality over quantity thing soon 🙃 the language to express it might be another thing altogether though. I remember my eldest trying to explain to my mother in law that the biscuits she was buying came from a dodgy company we were avoiding and the only words he had at 4 were "No Nanna those aren't ethical" and my mother in law not having a clue about much of this stuff couldn't understand what he was on about as they were "just biscuits" 🤣

'Unethical biscuits'. That's a new one. My son loves wildlife and also apparently hangs on my every word when he decided to. I have tried to make him understand that we are also part of nature and that if we litter or be wasteful of plastics the animals and environment will not be there for us to enjoy. He has embarrassed me a few times in public by shouting at litter bugs but my embarrassment quickly turns to pride.
Children are great fun, the way they try and understand and express their knowledge.

My way around that was oh no they must have dropped it by accident it's okay we'll just grab it on the way past.

Stupid covid has kind of stopped me occasionally grabbing rubbish that I'm passing in the street though as I don't wear gloves and don't like using disposable wipes because wasteful 😵

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.