The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #05

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I had a visit from @hivewatchers on my last few posts, saying that I was copying and pasting from other posts. Although I take issue with the comment I think they provide an important check on what happens on the blockchain and am willing to abide by their Judgement. Well, at least until I have had time to hash it out with them on Discord. For now, I will just have a link to the original post and you will have to do some extra clicking to get the full story. Please do.

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Muck Baby nativity

Originally posted on Mar 26, 2019

I like the circular composition of this Nativity from 2004 and the way we experimented with different techniques. The sand was awful but I think it came together quite well, even the muck baby.

I hope you do click and read the post as for me the text has become an integral part of the piece and of course, there are other images to be seen.


Bloody hell I thought they'd been sorted out ages ago, this is what happens when you need to automate >_<

I've messaged them and decided that for now I had better play it safe. I see now that this is a bigger issue than just for me and hope that some arrangement can be come to that suits everyone. I figure it is because they can see the crazy amount of text I put in my posts, I guess If I just posted an image and a line of text I would not have been flagged.

The way they're handling reposts is the way it needs to be done to be able to find people that are plagiarising or spinning articles, but completely destroys anyone who might have the audacity to repost a story or poem (never mind just posts).

At the end of the day the bot comments are from a bot that can only do what it's been told to do, and we've said reposts are fine within reasons outlined in the rules and if you feel that you're within the rules then the bot can be ignored and we'd only have to go in with guns blazing and talk to people if you actually get blacklisted (chances of that happening with you personally are really low because you don't do anything wrong).

I still think it is better for now just comply with their demands even though I think they are wrong. I don't want to get blacklisted as I have heard the stories of some people finding it very difficult to get off the naughty list.
I hope in the future that sharing older stuff may be possible and that older content will be brought to the top again. For now, I think because my posts are so text-heavy they are easy pickings for the bots they use. Thanks to OCA for standing up for me, it was appreciated.

The base problem is the stupid 7 day payout period, it's the only mechanic I actively hate about hive. If it was perpetual with maybe a 7 day payout period it would render reposting unnecessary.

And they wouldn’t blacklist someone like you, that would be stupid.

(I'm not sure why peakd on my phone decided it was going to post the incomplete comment twice, and then hivesigner bugged out, had to get onto the laptop to fix the silliness xD)

From my understanding the 7 days is part of the blockchain that would be difficult to change. Hopefully, if Hive media tokens take off and tipping can become more of a thing it will help it. But I agree the 7 days is silly and could be something that keeps content creators from taking Hive seriously.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.