The 13 Cribs of Christmas - #02

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Hope you all had a nice Christmas day with those closest to you. It is a strange year with all the Covid restrictions so I probably won't get to see many people which in some ways suits me as I need some rest.

On this second day of Cribs of Christmas, I show our second sculpture in La Pineda, Catalonia from the year 2001. We had more people to work on the sculpture this time but I think it was a bit too many cooks spoiling the broth. Have a nice St. Stevens day or Boxing day or whatever else you call it day.

2001 a nativity odyssey begins - sand sculpture

originally posted Nov 21, 2018

Over the years I have helped create many sand nativity scenes around this time of year. I am actually going to La Pineda, Catalonia next week to make another one. I didn't post this one yet to my blog as I thought it was too seasonal and was waiting till around Christmas time to post them all but for me everyday is Christmas day so here we go.

In some ways it was a traditional crib we made in 2001 in La Pienda but it was already showing the signs that we were bored of the format and to make it interesting for ourselves we wanted to start deconstructing what a nativity was and what it meant to us.

Not another sand nativity

Around the Mediterranean coast there are many sand nativities all in the traditional style but this year we started sowing the seeds of what we would do each year up to today. As long as we had some recognisable figures the design could be thrown open to artist interpretation. Fergus Mulvany and Kirsten Anderson from Denmark made this style copy of Catalonian sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs to represent the three kings

I worked on the star and the surrounding landscape while others made the central figures. The star had a light in it as did the rest of the sculpture so that it could be seen at night.

Peter Busch, Denmark and Nuria Vallverdu, Catalonia made the Mary, joseph and jesus characters which were only really viewable through the hole in the front of the sculpture.

@stijgerart made this nice negative carving of some naked lads following the star, which I think was the nicest element.

Overall i didn't really like the sculpture as I think it was too much of a montage of everyone doing very different things with not much of a connection between anything. As I said I look on this as a seed of what was to come so stay tuned if you want to know how crazy our ideas got.
And Happy Christmas in case I forget to say it closer to the time.


The grey sand "plaque" and sprinkled throughout the normal coloured sand looked pretty cool :)

I'm a bit concerned about the hand placement of the kneeling guy XP

Hope you're having a good silly season :)

Playing with different coloured sand inlays can be fun. Overall the sculpture wasn't great except for a few elements. I think the carvers at the front were having a few arguments as far as I remember. I was happy to just find some less busy areas and have my own fun.
A nice quiet Christmas was just what the doctor ordered and that's exactly what I'm having. Hope you too.

Yay for nice quiet Christmas 😄 I did not have a nice quiet Christmas as I'm at my parents and there is always a big Christmas do (least it was only one this year 🤣) but it was good 🙃

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It seems to me a great sculpture, a sand nativity scene must be a very difficult work

Thanks, @cryptoxicate. These sculptures are very old now. Hopefully, with each day they will appear better.

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That’s amazing work!!! Happy Holidays!

Thank you @sreypov Happy holidays to you and your family.

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Very nice project.... in 2001 I was still at art scool😅
Wish you a better year than 2020 in 2021🤗

I left in 1996. I am really showing my age with these posts. Wishing you all the best for 2021.

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Happy Christmas! Amazing work.
The negative one is really cool; didn’t know that kind of thing was a style. Simple and effective shapes and images, but likely much harder than it looks!

Happy Christmas too you. Negative carving can be a great technique to play with. It is nice the way it plays with your perception. Wishing you the best for 2021.

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