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RE: OnChainArt Rules (Yaaaay)

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These are a great set of ground rules and I agree with the rational behind them. My only concern is the re-post one, I hope it is looked on as a way to get eyes on undervalued posts rather than for milking purposes.


I do agree with the re-post. I been here for almost 3 years, and at the start, I had posts that were largely ignored and way undervalued.

(i.e. when I first joined I got 0.02 on my art with text and details while I seen photos of a cross-eyed dog or something as silly as that, and even out of focus etc. without any explanation getting over 500.-, and I used to wonder: WTF?)
There is some of my best artwork that falls into that ignored/undervalued category. I had not re-posted any of it so far, but might be tempted to do so in this community.
Or I might not - I am behind in posting my new artwork anyway .......