Pharaoh dig - sand sculpture

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I created this on my last day or two in Bogata, Columbia. The whole project was divided into four tents, each representing the different continents. In my tent was Europe and Africa and all my sculpture work was in Africa. You may have seen my sculpture about Evolution. I was happy to do some smaller bits and pieces and help other sculptors to finish up their scenes in the time I had left. This meant that I could have a little fun and not have to take on another big responsibility.

As a little experiment, the organisers asked me to do a little scene to represent archaeology.

It was beside this Egyptian scene which was nicely carved by Jan Zelika and Raddvan Zivny. I wanted to have some connection and so made a pharaoh being dug out of the ground. It was really just a mask which I carved using the sand dug out of the ground to make a pit. I then inlaid the main carving sand in to give it it's gold appearance. The contrast worked quite nicely. The mask was made on a piece of wood and then, with difficulty, lifted down into the pit.

Adding some layering to the walls of the hole I tried and show the millennia of different strata of soil that had covered this find and when it was all finished I left some of my tools down with him. The tools I use for carving are quite similar to what an archaeologist would use and I thought it gave the scene a bit more life and interest.

It was a pretty simple little scene but I think it sold the idea.

Looking at where I pinned this on Pinmapple you can see that the sculpture exhibition took place on a football field repurposed for the event. I like to think that when they came to replant the pitch that they just covered over my pharaoh only to be found by some confused Archeologist in centuries to come.


Thanks for reading. I use PeakD to document my work as an ephemeral Sculptor of sand, snow and ice, amongst other things. This will hopefully give it a new life on the Hive Blockchain. Below you will find some of my recent posts.

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I hope you'll join me again soon

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Thank you very much Otto.

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If they did that hopefully the wood mask remains intact 🤣

And hopefully the internet also remains intact so that the confused future archaeologists stumble upon this in their research and go it WAS some joker from the past 🤣

But still I wonder what conspiracy theories and the like would abound 🤣

I like the little touches like leaving your tools in the hole, would have given it that extra little something 🙃

I have heard that there is evidence of the ancient Egyptians in Latvia and I wouldn't be surprised if they have travelled much further. Of course, maybe, that Latvian thing could also have been a joker from the past but as there was no internet we will probably never know.
As far as the sculpture goes I think it would survive but also become exactly the same consistency of the sand around it. Maybe some sort of Xrays could see it. It's nice to think about these things and mess with people's minds.

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Hi @ammonite.... there is a woman in Spain who is very interested on your work... she makes exhibitions!
Do you have a website, or how is the best way for you to create a contact?

Hi caroline, my website is she can find all my contact details there. My blog on Hive is not on my website so she can also check me out here. Thanks very much for the introduction. Hope you are keeping well.

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DAMN ! You sure are a "verified artist " ♥️

Shucks you make me blush yet again.


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