Funtasia Mermaid - sand sculpture

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Every time I upload a sculpture like this I feel I must apologies to my readers for its quality. These would be the things that most artists edit out of their portfolios, looking on them as a sketch or piece that would bring down their overall image in the eyes of the viewer if they were to display them but for me, I started this project here on the blockchain to document all my work and come hell or high water that is what I am going to do. I knew there would be moments like this and I just hope you will understand that even your most favourite artist/ musician, writer has done things they are not proud of. Unless you dig you may never find them but for me I need to put them all out there on display and hope that I will be judged on the overall body of what I do and not the individual elements.

Like a jigsaw puzzle piece with a solid blue colour it is only when you have finished the whole puzzle that it becomes important and to think, you may have disagreed it because of its blandness. This is the way I like to see my blog, as an overall piece of work like a story told in many parts. In one way it may seem like I am crazy but for me, it shows my commitment to the cause of both my blog and of Hive. I hope and feel that this long-form content may one day become a thing of value to others even if it is only my descendants.

Life's a beach

I was asked to come and make a small sculpture for a little beach party in Funtasia Bettystown, Ireland. They were planning to fill a tent with some sand on the ground and then have some different attractions for children to play with. I was to make a seaside themed sculpture. I was not very inspired by the whole thing but it was a paid gig.

For me, it was a good opportunity to meet the owner of Funtasia as I thought I could interest him in making a larger project down the line. Funtasia is like a small fairground with swimming pools, bowling alleys, Casino and computer game arcades. It is actually quite impressive what this family-run business has become, now branching out to other locations.


I only had a few hours to make this and it was quite intense. The sand was not the nicest, the lighting terrible and the children milling around very distracting. I know excuses, excuses but these are the conditions I had to work in and I am not too disappointed by what I came out with.

Worst of all was the samba band that set up shop just beside me. I feckin' hate samba bands. Listen guys, just because you can hit a drum at the start of a beat and blow and annoying whistle does not make you a bloody musician. I had to get earplugs to protect my ears and sanity but by the end of the day, I could not wait to get out of there.

A good day was apparently had by all except me but I was happy to make the contact and sow some seeds of ideas into the owners head. Sometime later he would call me again and ask me to do another project which was also an adventure and now I'm glad that at least with this post I will have something to refer back to.


Thanks for reading. I use PeakD to document my work as an ephemeral Sculptor of sand, snow and ice, amongst other things. This will hopefully give it a new life on the Hive Blockchain. Below you will find some of my recent posts.

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I hope you'll join me again soon

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This made me laugh! I really like how you add an extra dimension to your art by describing the circumstances under which the piece was created. Aside from that you're a more than decent story teller.

Bye for now :<)

Thank you so much for the compliment. I must say I am enjoying paying these visits down memory lane and in the process trying to create something new, even from the less pleasant ones.

I know you would say the same to me ;<)

The fact that you're enjoying this, helps a lot. It oozes from your writing.

Have a nice day.

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Haha I'm sure it's pretty hard to make some good art if the music sucks :P She's still very nice! I like the tentacle hair a lot.

It was horrendous, My ears were nearly bleeding. The things I suffer for my art. ;)

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It looks fine especially given that the end result of all of your work seems to depend entirely on how the material was for you and how much time you had overall XP

Now on the portfolio thing and this thing, it would depend on what you wanted the end result to be. If you wanted an actual portfolio (as in something that shows off your best work) then you could be forgiven for editing this one out for whatever reason. However you're compiling I guess (is there a visual artist equivalent of discography? XD) so including everything so that people can see how you've developed as an artist makes more sense there.

Speaking of portfolios peakd has a tab that you can activate in your settings (imaginatively called "enable portfolio view") and then when you make/edit a post you can open the advanced settings and tick a box shift a slider to make the first image appear in said portfolio.

if you decide to go back through your posts to edit them to tick that box just make sure you remove mentions so you don't trigger notifications for people mentioned in the post as I found out the hard way when I accidentally summoned Galen and Boomy to a couple XD

Thanks for the advice on portfolio view, I will look into this.

To be honest I have as many hits as misses in this discography thingy I am doing. Overall I am just enjoying reliving these old sculpture in my mind and getting down the memories in writing before they are lost. At least in years to come, I will have something to help me remember and you never know, one day I may print them up as a book for my coffee table. He likes books.

You might be able to sell coffee table books! xD

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