Poles Apart - sand sculpture (Timelapse)

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Here is a little video timelapse of me making my Poles Apart Sand sculpture in the 2011 Dublin castle exhibition.

I built a new Solar powered timelapse camera for the occasion and must say I am quite happy with the results. The camera was a very cheap one from Tescos hardwired with a timer circuit and a big battery backed up with a solar panel all contained inside a bread bin. It took one picture every minute and due to the fact the resolution was 5 megapixel I could play around with zoom after.

Music by Kevin Macleod Creative commons

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can i find you on discord

I am on Discord as ammonite#1530 but unfortunately don't get much time to hang out there.

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Getting it out there and Twitter, Sorry for the delay but I can't seem to post to Twitter except from my computer.