"Is not me, It's you" or "Story #1" . Illustration+Story NFT

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Those who know my digital painting work are often surprised when they know about my work as an illustrator. It is so different. I often hear terms like: sad, sublime, or melancholic when it comes to painting; and colorful, happy and crazy when it comes to illustration.

It is that, even illustrations with darker themes end up being very colorful, and paintings with happy intentions always end up being melancholic.

I love illustration. Maybe it's because I started my career as an editorial illustrator, or maybe it's because it always makes me feel very happy.

A few weeks ago I decided to work on a series of story-based illustrations, and publish them as NFT's on rarible at affordable cost in editions of 5 for each illustration.

The receptivity has been wonderful, being sold out in the first week of launch.

In the next few days I will be publishing my last illustration from that collection on which I have worked hard.

Today I share the first:

"Is not me, It's you" or "Story #1"

"And during that long conversation, my insides were still inert. I found it boring. I was expecting a storm, something to make me roll. So I went in to see what was going on.

I saw my brain fly in search of pollen; my heart hid like a wild animal. I stayed a long time, hanging out, waiting for an impulse, a butterfly. Nothing. I was bored, I was silent."

This artwork belongs to the collection "7 stories", by Alejandra Her


"Is not me, It's you" or "Story #1"
NFT. Digital painting. 5 editions.
Alejandra Her


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Illustrations and review By ©Alejandra Her


Enamorada de tu arte la que hace sentir feliz a todos los que de alguna forma hemos colaborado contigo. Sigue creciendo y cosechando tus éxitos!

Gracias mi amor! grandes abrazos.

¡Qué belleza! Me encantan los elementos. Me divierten, me perturban y me dejan curiosa. Qué adorable pereza, jeje. Cariños Ale

Si! jajaja. Me gustan esas sensaciones juntas.
Un abrazo

looks so cool ! And nice to hear a story too :)

Thank you Katrin. There are 6 more to come.

hermosa ilustración <3 <3 <3


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