Free my mind | Liberar mi mente . Illustration + Process

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I will free my mind. I just need fire.
I don't need anyone to light a bonfire to warm me, or to burn me in it.
I just need my fire, I just need to fan it.

Alejandra Her.

Liberaré mi mente. Sólo necesito fuego.
No necesito que nadie encienda una hoguera para calentarme, o para quemarme en ella.
Solo necesito mi fuego, solo necesito avivarlo.
Alejandra Her.

Process | Proceso

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Captura de pantalla 20200930 a las 9.42.02 p.m..png

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Illustrations and review By ©Alejandra Her


Absolutely LOVE the creative symbolism behind this piece! !tip

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Thank you @jaynie for your support 😍

My pleasure :)

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Oh in a balloon! I love it! Quite creative!



Se ve estupendo, una magnifica idea creaste aquí.😄
Siempre tan increible.