@ahmadmanga's Crypto Art! November Edition: New NFT Piece

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I've minted another art piece to as NFT and this one might not. It's the NFT with the most number of editions as I intend for it to become like a Donation Button for those who want to support my work.


See the page on NFTShowroom

A Bit About "Inventor Ahmed" :

This character is one of my earliest original character, I first drew him in grade school. (I only remember two characters of my creation before him.) He's based on what my grade-school-self thought of as an Ideal Self: A Genius Young Inventor! (and no, I'm not ripping off Jimmy Neutron! I only saw the show in my late-teens!)

The Arabic name is أحمد مخترع (Ahmed Mukhtar'a, or whatever it's read.) which does mean "Inventor Ahmed" so creative!

I used the character as my Avatar at some point, I used the one I minted on Rarible after him. Now I'm just using a Logo, and for the sake of consistency I don't plan to change it!

I've been minting NFT art pieces over the past two months, and I have sold some of them to NFT collectors. Here's the list/links for all of my remaining art pieces on NFTShowroom and Rarible!

Art PieceName/LinkRemaining EditionsNotes
Inventor Ahmed11 (Out of 11)Early OC of mine
Portrait (Anime-style)5 (Out of 5)Joining Rarible
Karate Tourney4 Out of 5My favorite OC's
Yai (Frilly Dress)2 Out of 5Character Info
A Fascinating Legacy (Story Cover)3 (All)Short Story Info
Omar the Tiger (Story Cover)Single Ed.Short Novel Info

Wish To Hear Your Feedback

Opinions on my art pieces are more valuable than their prices. I know my art isn't that great, (anatomy is wrong even if its visually appealing,) so tell me if there's anything I can fix/improve on.